Medical Supply Purchasing Simplified with InvoCure

About Us

InvoCure is an online medical marketplace and supply chain solution for medical care facilities.

We help healthcare organizations improve operations by reducing the number of vendors they utilize, save time for procurement and finance teams, provide customers control over their supply chain with advanced technology features, and deliver value with enhanced margins while providing excellent service.

Many healthcare organizations are struggling to balance the challenges of inventory availability and high order fill rates with the financial demands of inventory turns and obsolescence. InvoCure is here to help. Why complicate something that should be simple?

Medical Supply Purchasing Simplified with InvoCure.

Managed Procurement Services by InvoCure

Invocure offers collaborative partnerships that deliver sustainable results. We connect processes end-to-end streamlining procurement for medical staff, enable multi-location efficiencies and act as an extension of your staff. We help you drive productivity, boost savings and gain a competitive edge with our procurement capabilities.

From eProcurement to improved supply planning, InvoCure delivers results. Our managed procurement services are built on a customer-centric model. We leverage our top talent to work as an extension of your staff to provide clients with a wide range of innovative and custom supply chain services.

  • Consolidated Billing Services
  • Planning and Forecasting
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Data Management


InvoCure's mission is to provide value to healthcare professionals helping maximize their quality of care. Our mission is built on four pillars:

SIMPLICITY — By redesigning outdated processes, our platform is simple to use allowing customers to order at any time, check order status, communicate product details and tracking information.

SAVINGS — Leverage our scale to increase customers purchasing power bringing bottom-line growth to their practice. Get the same low price across all your locations.

SIGNIFICANCE — Shave thousands of hours off the time clients spend managing multiple vendors.

SERVICE — Knowledgeable U.S. based resources ready to help.

InvoCure provides long-term, sustainable value through an aggregated catalog of products, aids in the reduction of total supply chain vendors, helps eliminate procurement process costs, acts as an extension of your staff, and increases service levels throughout the supply chain.